eBook about Bacula published
dass IT co-founder's Bacula book has been published as english eBook now. Title:Bacula - Network Backup Strategies and Solutions
Bacula fork Bareos published first beta version
The open source fork "Bareos" has published it's first release
dass IT builds bacula rpm packages für RHEL6 (Redhat Enterprise Linux 6)
dass IT GmbH offers Bacula packages for many different distributions. Now we have updated our packages and also made them available for RHEL6.
dass IT is Fortinet Partner
Cologne, Nov 11, 2008- dass IT expands its partnership relations and becomes Fortinet Partner
dass IT is Tandberg Storage Partner
Cologne, 3 Dec, 2008: dass IT now becomes Tandberg Storage Partner and expands its product line with professional backup- and storage solutions from the leading provider in Europe.
dass IT is delivering partner in RedHat / ING-DiBa project
ING-DiBa in Frankfurt runs more than 1200 Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers. dass IT was delivering partner in this system management project.
dass IT releases an API and SOAP configuration interface for GroundWork Monitor and Nagios
GroundWork Monitor is an Open Source application, which among other things provides a comfortable web tool to configure Nagios. This web tool is complemented by the PERL API "dassmonarch" -- an interface for programmers -- developed by dass IT. dass IT also provides an SOAP interface addon for the remote access for the GroundWork configuration.
dassIT shows preview for dassModus, the Bacula configuration GUI
dassModus, the Bacula configuration GUI was presented on the Bacula Conferenz 2010. We proudly present the first preview on the features of this program.
dassModus svn repository available
The dassModus svn repository is available NOW!
Open Source Backup Conference in Cologne 22.-23.9.2014
Open Source Backup Conference starts Call for Papers and Early Bird registration
Open Source Backup Conference started Call for Paper
Die von den Bareos Partnern dass IT und NETWAYS ausgerichtete Veranstaltung ruft zur Einreichung von Vorträgen auf. Die europaweit führende Veranstaltung zum Thema Datensicherung ist Open Source Backup Software, wie REAR, Bacula, Amanda und insbesondere Bareos, gewidmet.
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