dass IT is commited to Open Source Development. We start to publish Open Source products we`ve developed or sponsored here.
dassbuild helps building packages using the openSUSE build service for various distributions. It can also integrate information from your local subversion.
dass configuration managment (dasscm) is a simple solution for managing configuration file with Subversion. It is favored because of it's easy setup and low footprint. It can be easily integrated into Nagios monitoring.
dassmonarch is a PERL API to GroundWork Monitor. It provides an API to program configuration changes of the GroundWork Monitor System. The PERL API is published under GPL and is free for download. Almost the same functionality is available as an additional SOAP interface, which lets you access and modify the GroundWork configuration by a remote SOAP client. The SOAP interface is available from dass IT under a commercial license. dassmonarh has been tested successfully with GroundWork Monitor versions 5.2.7 and 5.3. Since GroundWork 6 dassmonarch is included in GroundWork itself, no extra download necessary.
opsi packages
open pc server integration (opsi) is a Open-Source solution for windows system management. As server plattforms, different Linux distributions can be used. More informations and some opsi packages are available here.
The Linux Desktop Management Solution SmartClient has proven its reliability in various projects with up to 4000 Linux systems in numerous locations. It is released as GPL.
op5 API
An Perl API to op5's monitor.php based CLI to configure op5 using Perl scripts. It provides usable exit code of each CLI call and lets you react upon those codes. This enables you to program arbitrary complex op5 configuration using Perl.
Nagios Business Process Addon for GroundWork
The Nagios Business Process Addon is an Open Source Addon for Nagios, which allows to combine several checks by logical rules (AND, OR, minimum of, etc.) to a buisiness process. The original project is hosted on NagiosForge and uses NDO as standard backend to retrieve the needed check results. dass IT has patched the addon to use it in conjunction with GroundWork's collage database
dassIT Bacula rpm repositories
dass IT offers Bacula rpm packages for a variety of distributions.
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